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Don't ask for comps until you have played a substantial amount. Even if you receive a mailed offer, you can contact your host to book it. So if you simply walk away from the table, or accept a vague answer from the Pit Boss, you are leaving huge amounts of your comp dollars at the casino.

Players who have shown they will give the house a shot at their money are treated very well. The result is the value of comps the player is entitled to in dollars and cents. This is another misconception.

Develop a personal relationship with a casino host, shift manager, or pit supervisor. What are the Requirements to Get a Comp? This way your play and that of your spouse will accumulate points faster toward a comp.

Casino Player Ratings

Most casinos allow players to accumulate their comp dollars and then spend them on one big meal or event. Set up a credit line at the casino cage. The Benefit Protection of casino assets that have previously been difficult to monitor. Players also want to be recognized and rewarded accurately for their play. But nowadays the majority of casinos have brochures that tell their players how many dollars they must play to earn a point and how many points are required to get a specific comp.

Some casinos want you to wait until the end of your stay before they decide which comps they will give you. When you tip on top let the dealers know that the money on top is theirs. All casino comps and perks are based on your rated play in the casino.

The casino industry is very competitive in this respect. Caribbean Stud is a slower game, more like roulette, while Pai Gow Poker is the slowest of all the table games. They have the opportunity to fraudulently rate friends, family and associates for personal gain. The players themselves are identifiable by their mag-stripe player card with their details encoded thereon. If you want free rooms and other substantial comps, concentrate your play at one casino to reach a higher comp level.

Player Ratings A Huge Potential for Fraud

Before leaving on your trip call ahead and ask for the marketing department and speak to a casino host who can tell you what is required. They usually leave after a while, maybe to another casino where their play is better appreciated. If a casino uses several platforms, then problems are usually solved by the licensing jurisdiction.

Most people who make frequent gambling trips do this. All casinos have them now. This prompted eConnect to build this module for their clients. Join the casino's slot club.

We want players rated in order to market to them and reward them accurately for their play. This is not always easy to determine and it does change, but there are sources on the Internet that can help. Here too you can make a bigger Place bet than normal. Also taken into consideration is how responsive the software provider is to player issues, concerns and feedback. If a table game, present the card to the dealer who will pass it to the floorperson.

Tipping the dealer once in a while will get noticed by the floor supervisor who was at one time working for tips. Your email address will not be published. Just play your game and take the comps as they come. When you are asking for favors, you want the first type of host.

Players Rating System - Casino Gambling

By Henry Tamburin

Invest in Your Players

Introduce your spouse to them too. Generally speaking, you get more asking a host than you do asking at the slot club booth. All casinos want to keep their best customers coming back. Be ready to use whatever circumstances are appropriate at the moment. Sometimes you'll get multiple mailings from the same casino, and sometimes the offers will overlap.

If you tip on top of your bets, the tip counts as a part of your bet. Often you will get a wealth of information from this conversation and can then decide if your level of play will get what you want at that particular casino. At the end of your casino trip go and tell your casino host how much you have enjoyed this trip and let him or her know that you are really looking forward to seeing them again soon. With a broad based accurate table rating system offering real benefits to customers the same could occur with table game players. Incorporating all aspects of the facility is felt provides a strong point of difference in relation to their direct competitors.

Our player databases for gaming machines already provide us the ability to study player demographics and value. Everyone wants one and the casinos are more than glad to give them over one billion dollars worth last year. However, more than one casino supervisor has added this caveat. Always use your card and get rated.

Buffets are easy, but it normally takes some serious machine and table time to qualify for rooms and gourmet meals. You want to make sure that they see and rate your higher play.

That is the defining factor of a nice player, which will probably boost your rating. Casino Player Rating Systems. Once this level of accuracy is achieved for table game play then no doubt we will see the true integration of slot club marketing systems with table game player rating systems. Also, spotlight 29 casino website we use system averages for various factors which may not be representative of the actual play. Wait a couple rolls and then take them down.

The exports can also be admitted in court in cases of employee fraud. For blackjack, take your bathroom breaks during the shoe not while the dealer is shuffling. To know you is to comp you. Friendly people get easy room upgrades, bountiful buffets and lots of personalized attention while the Jerks rarely get what they've got coming-unless you believe in Karma. If you play the tables, give your slot club card to the dealer before you make your first bet.