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In order to get the most comps, some guests will book rooms at multiple hotels just to get free play, meals or other comps made available at each property. Las Vegas casinos are no exception when it comes to getting the comp you want with your accumulated points. The reason why players will pre-plan where to play is that all casinos in Las Vegas have their own comp clubs, which can see lots of extras being bestowed upon those players playing at these casinos. For almost everything in life it's a matter of whom you know. Advice submitted by Greg Delaney.

After about an hour of playing at a table, ask to meet the pit boss and ask about the possibility of a free room or an upgrade. If the powers that be see that you're spending a good amount then they reward you with some pretty impressive comps.

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Gifts can be anything from a t-shirt to free hotel rooms. He's the rare combination of Yankees and Jets fan which explains his often contrarian point of view. Marc grew up on the mean streets of the South Bronx. How to Play Texas Hold Em. Membership is always free.

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Writing about steak, booze, gambling and Las Vegas is a tough job but somebody has to do it. Please be aware that the following comp club offers and promotions were valid at the time of compiling this guide.

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The best club for you depends on what you play, how much you play and what benefits you like. Some systems do not award points. If you play in multiple casinos owned by the same company, you will probably get more benefits under a Megaclub than you would under two or three in a completely separate system. Guests with a certain amount tier credits could enter the Total Rewards Diamond Lounge for free. This is very valuable information for the casinos.

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The rewards may be issued that same trip, or for a subsequent trip. These free gifts may not save or make you money but they make nice souvenirs and that can save a few bucks. However, with the Atlantic City Boardwalk, it was very easy to leave one casino and go play the same game down the Boardwalk.

Everything would have been comped if any of us were high rollers. If you do lose your Las Vegas players card, however, the casino will give you a duplicate. The pit boss has the immediate authority to decide whether you've played long enough and just what kind of comp you will be getting if you're getting anything. However, not all casinos have players clubs.

Fill out the application with your name, date of birth and mailing address. Learn to play Let it Ride.

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Some clubs those that give out points while you play make it very simple. Some casino players clubs will lure you with deep discounts on hotel rooms meanwhile other properties have to add freebies to entice you to share your information. My term for the new multi-property players clubs. Also, high five casino slots if you are visiting a new jurisdiction such as St.

Use your Vegas players club card at every game you play. Loyalty in Las Vegas is taking an interesting twist. Please visit the respective land based Las Vegas casinos website for full details of their current comp club promotions. Casino executives had to come up with a method to identify and reward their slot players so they would stay and play only in their casino.

Nonstop to your next reward flight. He was able to get my group discounted rooms but nothing complimentary up front. However, due to the every changing nature of the comp club environment the offers listed are subject to change at any time. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

Click here for a list of the casinos that do so you know where to go when you are ready to get a membership card. That system will be changing in the future. Do all casinos give cashback? Casino players clubs are supposed to rewards players customers who play spend.

Get a players card at every casino you go to. The casino will need this to send you special offers.

Almost all of the casinos on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offer cashback, but a rather isolated tribal casino may not feel the need to do so. Casinos with tighter machines can afford to give out more cashback. Promotions and comps for all guest are now based on current trip play according to Steve Wynn. Find out who the pit boss is.

Plus players respond to it very well, despecially to once-a-month packages containing various coupons and offers. Each guest had their folio reviewed at the end of the trip and received an appropriate discount based on spending from the week. Where did the Players club idea start? Free play is a reward paid via machine credits that requires me to play amount through the machine at least once. Most new players overestimate the amount of time required to earn a certain number of points.

The prizes on offer do vary in value and one thing you may end up winning is a free buffet, ideal if you are hungry at the time of singing up to their loyalty scheme we suppose! Cashback is same-day cash rebates based on the number of points I redeem at the booth from my account, usually based on an established formula. It's your ticket to free stuff and discounts.

Many visitors to Las Vegas plan not only where they are going to stay for the duration of their vacation, but also which casinos they will be giving their gaming action to! Check out his blog at Edge Vegas. The ultimate goal for the hotel is to entice you to visit or stay at the property. The employee at the booth will enter your information and issue you a card on the spot.

What casino has the best players club? Sounds like a fair exchange and a potential win-win for the customer and hotel. You can redeem these for free things. Your free points qualify you for special rates on rooms or sometimes free rooms, food and shows. When the member begins to play he inserts the card into a special reader built right into the machine.