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ESL Conversation Questions - Dating (I-TESL-J)

  • Task check across class and using powerpoint to confirm To check sts ability to identify compound adjectives.
  • Did you ever arrange a blind date?
  • What do you think about internet dating?
  • Develop an online dating profile - Work in a group.

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Students read online dating profiles and decide if the people are compatible and then learn compound adjectives and put them to use in a discussion. Sts underline all the compound adjectives in the two texts. Write an email - Read the profile created by another group and write an email to that person, things to discuss introducing yourself. They use many different kinds. What kinds of things do you do on a date?

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What emotional damage do these scams do? Criminals are trying to trick people by using old love. My job is well-paid but quite stressful so I like to have a good time at the weekends. Personality and lifestyle Is it important that your partner has a good salary? What kind of clothes do you wear on a date?

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ESL Lesson Plan on Online Dating - Breaking News English Lesson

This is all that is needed to pretend to be someone looking for love. Write a newspaper article about the next stage in this news story. When you have finished, interview other students. Does your first love still hold a special place in your heart? Sts check which ones end in an extra syllable.

Someone who often gets angry. To exploit learning opportunities with emergent language. An intelligent person with a good education. If so, free dating site have you had much success?

Sts discuss their hair and eye colour preferences in pairs. If you date, does it mean you're probably going to get married, or is it often just for fun? What did a policemen say people needed to be to stay safe? Do you believe in love at first sight?


Would you wait on a person you were dating for a long time if they joined the army? Feed back in open class, T encourages discussion. Discussion Discuss these questions with your partner using the compound adjectives.

Put these words into the spaces in the paragraph below. What do you call someone who looks good? Talk about the connection between each pair of words in italics, and why the correct word is correct. Here are some writing activities that, unless otherwise noted, are great for groups, pairs or individuals.

Online Dating Compound Adjectives

Read what you wrote to your classmates in the next lesson. To develop sts understanding of the different compound adjective patterns. What is your definition of love? Your partner s will answer your questions. Review a letter - Edit a poorly written introduction email.

Someone with brown or black hair. Tell a story - Imagine two people from very different cultures are going out on a first date. What was the most interesting date you've ever been on? What do you call someone with blue eyes?

Student B draws a picture of the scene described by Student A, then folds down the paper so that Student A's sentence is hidden. What do you call an arrogant person? Give out handouts, what are the titles?

  1. Thisisallt hatisneededtopretendtobesomeonelookingforlove.
  2. Read your letter to your partner s in your next lesson.
  3. Someone who is open to different opinions and activities.
ESL Lesson Plan on Online Dating - Breaking News English Lesson

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If so, first email what do you usually do? How do you decide whom to date? Then say them to your partner. To check sts ability to identify compound adjectives.

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Complete this table with your partner s. Put the best place to go on a first date at the top. If you can think of another good question for this list, please add it. All the papers travel around the circle at the same time, and you end up with lots of funny stories and drawings.

ESL Fun Activities For Talking About Dating

Change topics and partners frequently. Is going out on dates important for you? Do you think fairy tales influence our choice of a partner? What do you call a job with a good salary?

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Movie Conversation Starters

Movie Conversation Starters

Give each other feedback on your articles. Then you can unfold the paper and see the hilarious progression from the original sentence and picture to the final. To develop sts understanding of the meaning of the target language. Do you spend time alone with your date, dating eagle pass tx or are there other people there? Join YourDictionary today.

ESL Fun Activities For Talking About Dating

Have you ever had any bad experiences online? Is it easier to find love online? Make an online dating profile for one of your group members or an imaginary person. At what age do you think that dating should begin? Do you drive or take the train when dating?

Share what you discover with your partner s in the next lesson. How dangerous are Internet scams? Then decide if the two are compatible in pairs.

ESL Conversation Questions - Online Dating

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