Super bowl gambling games at home

You will need to keep the action going during the never-ending halftime show. Pass the Cup This is the easiest of them all. There must be millions of them, and now with the Internet they are easy to find. Nobody wants to spot anybody cash for these activities. And online betting makes it extra easy to get screwed over, even if you win.

There is one last season to go before the calendar turns to a new year that will bring on a new decade. Here are the best documentaries to get your fix. If someone gets caught putting it down, the cup changes hands. As long as everybody can keep a sporting attitude about it, putting down a few bucks is a fun way to keep game day interesting.

If your budget allows, it might be a fun idea to stock up on fun prizes such as footballs, pennants, drink cups and team clothing items so that everyone will go home feeling like a winner. From there, you pick your game, lay your money down, and watch what happens. However, watch out for your token drunk friend who is losing all of his bets.

Divide it up however you see fit, but be prepared for the late half, meaningless Hail Mary interception cup switch. We like to divide this up into quarters to increase the excitement. Hand them out at game time with some pens.

Best betting games for your Super Bowl bash

If a guest hears someone use the word, they can take the football from the offending party. At the beginning of halftime, give your guests small paper footballs to stick onto their chests with double-sided tape. The person holding the cup at the end of the first and third quarter takes a small amount out. Write those numbers as they are picked across the top squares in order. Take good old football bean bag toss to the next level and decorate some corn hole targets decorated in favor of your best team winning.

6 Games to Play During a Super Bowl or Football Party

Come on, wipe that skeptical look off your face. Trivia is always great fun, grab some facts from our Super Bowl Trivia page and put together some simple questions. The last person left in the circle is the winner. To Play Before the game, divide your friends into groups and let them write a cheer or two that they can perform whenever there is a touchdown. The two best teams battling it out on the gridiron in a winner take all showdown.

This classic football betting game is perfect for Super Bowl parties. Prop Pool You need to have a skill-based Super Bowl betting game where the person who gets the most questions right wins the pot. Proposition bets, also known as side bets, are never more appropriate than during the Super Bowl. Make sure to inform your guests in advance about what betting games you will offer and the stakes at your party, casino allslots so that they will arrive prepared.

How many times will Trump tweet? The extended halftime show will be over before you even know it. Plan a few activities to give your guests something to do during halftime. Repeat for the squares down the left side of the board.

Player to score first touchdown? Divide your guests into two teams and have them take turns tossing bean bags onto the other team's side of the field.

Best betting games for your Super Bowl bash

Just get cut by the Patriots three times in the same season Kenjon Barner played a total of five games for the New England Patriots. Kenjon Barner played a total of five games for the New England Patriots. Maybe this person will win an actual football to take home.

Super Bowl 53 Betting Games Squares & Prop Bets Pool Ideas

Draw a name to determine who starts with the cup. Also, someone will inevitably write their name in too many squares. Why let the high rollers in Vegas have all the fun?

10 10 100 Super Bowl Betting Squares Grid Board for Home or Office Parties

The team that guesses the most words wins. The last one holding the cup takes the pot. We've got you both covered.

If you are struggling to come up with ideas, The Action Network is here to help. If you want to make the game even more interesting, you can add a rule that every player must hold on to the cup or ball at all times when in possession.

Top Picks for your Super Bowl 50 Party

Super Bowl 53 Betting Games Squares & Prop Bets Pool Ideas

Fun Prop Bets Sheet Printable Templates & Questions6 Games to Play During a Super Bowl or Football Party

Toys and Prizes Favor Boxes and Bags. You would not want to upset any die-hard football viewers who are at the party purely for their spot in front of their favorite team. Here are some tools you should add to your emotional kit.