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The stock market seems to think that if anybody is going to rescue social gaming company Zynga, Mattrick is the guy to do it. Related Topics Science and Technology U. That philosophy might also be behind recent heavy betting on Zynga Inc. Big companies like Caesars Entertainment have made huge investments in this area.

With its social gaming efforts floundering amid a tough transition to mobile, Pincus encouraged investors to stick with Zynga by implying it would ultimately find riches through online gambling. Betting on Zynga and legal online gambling. MarketWatch Partner Center. By Rex Crum Technology reporter.

Zynga on the up and up

Zynga on the up and up

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With no federal regulation of online gambling, the U. This was not the message that Pincus was sending when shares of Zynga were in free fall. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Nathan Vardi Forbes Staff.

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Don Mattrick is a big name in the gaming world. Follow him on Twitter mktwcrum. The company struck partnerships with the likes of Bwin.

Party to launch online gambling overseas while crafting a strategy for the U. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator.

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Of course, since gambling is the subject, the odds on Zynga being able to offer legalized online betting are not set in stone. Still, given how investors have piling on Zynga of late, it seems the sweetness that could come from a winning bet on the company is one many are willing to make. But building a big online gambling business remains a long shot for Zynga. The New Jersey law, big fish games casino facebook for instance only allows bettors that are physically present in the Garden State to gamble online.